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As a professional in the equine sector you know as well as anyone that the equine world has its own specific jargon. If you are facing legal issues in this area you need a lawyer who understands this. Often, these concern major financial interests. Legal assistance from an experienced lawyer who has the necessary specialist knowledge is certainly not an excessive luxury.

With Wibe Reddingius, Langelaar Klinkhamer Advocaten has such a lawyer of its own.

Wibe is a close follower of equine sport and knows what’s needed when it comes to buying or selling horses, shared ownership, sponsoring etc. He combines his knowledge of the equine world with his specific legal expertise and many years of experience as a lawyer. He’s therefore able to provide you with the advice you need and – where necessary – litigate on your behalf.

If you want to stay in firm legal control then contact Langelaar Klinkhamer Advocaten for all of your equine legal issues, including:

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