Vessels coming up for auction – Update

On 14 November 2016 we published a blog on 16 vessels that’d come up for sale in due course from the time of writing. In the meantime not only the hammer prices of various auctioned vessels have become known, but also a large number of additional vessels (13) have been announced to come up for both notarial and judicial sale. Here’s an update.

New vessels up for notarial or judicial sale

The following general cargo vessels are up for notarial auction on the mentioned date:

“FLINTERBIRKA” IMO 9345374 NL built 2006 7 December 2016
“FLINTERBOTHNIA” IMO 9279408 NL built 2003 19 December 2016
“FLINTERSKY” IMO 9250385 DE built 2002 geared
“FLINTERSPIRIT” IMO 9229049 DE built 2000
“FLINTERSUN” IMO 9243746 DE built 2002 geared
“FLINTER AMERICA” IMO 9504114 NL built 2010
“FLINTER ARCTIC” IMO 9504126 NL built 2010
“FLINTER ROSE” IMO 9521368 IN built 2012
“GERARDA” IMO 9341770 DE built 2006
“ORCANA” IMO 9353711 NL built 2006

The following two heavy cargo offshore vessels shall also be sold through notarial auction sale:

“ABIS DOVER” IMO 9613630 NL built 2012 4 January 2017
“ABIS DUISBURG” IMO 9658094 DE built 2013

And the following general cargo vessel and container vessel shall be sold through judicial sale in Curacao and Rotterdam respectively:

“FLINTERSTREAM” IMO 9415040 VE built 2009 13 December 2016
“HANJIN GOLD” IMO 9502960 KO built 2013 3 January 2017

Auction upbringings

For anyone interested in the notarial auction prices of the following vessels, it should be noted that hypothecary bank SPV’s may have kept the prices high.

“ABIS BELFAST” IMO 9544891 29 November 2016 EUR 3.425 mio
“ABIS BERGEN” IMO 9544932 EUR 3.5     mio
“ABIS BILBAO” IMO 9545027 EUR 3.476 mio
“ABIS BORDEAUX” IMO 9545039 EUR 3.375 mio
All four of the above en bloc


EUR 20.4   mio
“ABIS DUBLIN” IMO 9613642 30 November 2016 EUR 10.6   mio
“ABIS DUNDEE” IMO 9658109 EUR 12.2   mio
The above two en bloc


EUR 22.8   mio
“ABIS ALBUFEIRA” IMO 9501708 1 December 2016 ——–
“ABIS ANTWERPEN” IMO 9501710 ——–
The above two en bloc


EUR 5.2     mio
“ABIS CADIZ” IMO 9547324 2 December 2016 EUR 3.35   mio
“ABIS CALAIS” IMO 9547336 EUR 3.25   mio
“ABIS CARDIFF” IMO 9548299 EUR 3.2     mio
“ABIS CUXHAVEN” IMO 9548304 EUR 3.2     mio
All four of the above en bloc EUR 18      mio

You can find more info regarding the enforced sale of vessels in the Netherlands in our blog post on that subject here.

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